Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update once more...

Well...I know. It's been a while. I'm still working on it and thinking; however, I've had a few set-backs - partially time with moving into a house, fixing things up, and other stuff of that nature - but also technical - my main desktop has had a power problem for some time. I had fixed it a couple years ago with a new case and a new 500W power supply; but something happened - and I didn't pay enough attention - and the power supply died. Not sure why; but the thing won't turn on.

So, I just got a new 650W power supply, which I hope to be installing in the next couple days. The system hasn't seen the light of day since May when the old one died; and I'm kind of waiting to unpack my keyboard until the system is working again.

Once it's all up - I have some serious recording to do as I have to record some music to send to a friend so she and my organ instructor can get the key signature right for her voice; then I get it back, and get to have fun with the piece for a little while - but will have to get back a new copy for her to practice with. All so I can play it on the piano and she can sing it for a mutual friend's wedding in the spring.

So I do hope to use this experience as one of the first to write about the process using completely free, and open tools and to kick-start this blog - The Open Musician - as I get into doing other things. Though at least for now, I'll be limited to my keyboard. May be in a year or so I can add vocals - but I've got to get money for the microphones and computer hookups first.

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